Dark Armies Paintball and Lasertag Arena


Dark Armies is located at 2525 N. Shadeland Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46219*

The address 2525 N Shadeland Ave is for the entire complex. It is rather large.

The best way to find us is to turn east at the light in front of the 2525 N. Shadeland Ave building This is the light right before the interstate bridge and is directly in front of the Bob Evans. Behind the Bob Evans is a Hampton Inn. Behind the Hampton Inn is a large parking lot of school buses. Turn left just after those buses. When you come in that way, you will see DARK ARMIES on the side of the building. Keep our number handy for last minute directions.

*PLEASE NOTE: If you want to find us via GPS, we've found that using the address 7130 Western Select Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46219 will bring you right to our main entrance!