Dark Armies Paintball and Lasertag Arena

Paintball and Lasertag as Entertainment

PAINTBALL v. Game played by two opposing teams attempting to capture the other team's "flag". Each participant is equipped with a CO2-powered paintball gun which propels a biodegradable geletin capsule (The Paintball). These capsules break on impact leaving the geletin contents on whatever surface they strike (preferably The Enemy).

DARK ARMIES' outlook on paintball is that there are basically two levels of play: The Sport Level and The Recreational Player.

The Sport Players usually have their own equipment and have played at many times. They play not only because the game is so much fun, but also because they want to win. This level of player sees paintball as a sport.

The Recreational Player, on the other hand, usually has no equipment and really has no desire to acquire any. There is a very high probability that this player has never played before. This game is just as much fun for this player. They still want to win but the Recreational Player is playing the game for its entertainment value.

DARK ARMIES IS AN ENTERTAINMENT FACILITY. Dark Armies is designed and operated with the idea that everyone that comes through our doors has NEVER played paintball. The advanced player is welcome to participate but needs to keep in mind that 99% of our customers are not, nor will ever be, serious players. This is entertainment and it's fun!!!