Necropolis: City of Perpetual Darkness Haunted House

For the month of October, the Dark Armies facility plays host to NECROPOLIS : The City of Perpetual Darkness.

4 Haunted Houses • 1 Location

In 1983, THE NEW YORK TIMES ran the headline “PLAN TO CLOSE PHONE PLANT STUNS INDIANAPOLIS” Since then an entire city has been discovered below the surface of that plant . After living undisturbed for thousands of years six miles below the surface; NECROPOLIS: THE HAUNTED CITY was exposed to the mortal world. For the last 25 years, residents of Indianapolis have been allowed to visit this bizarre civilization each October. Each visitation period paralyzed thousands of Hoosiers with fear and terror.

Our main attraction: THE HOUSE

Additional attraction: THE CEMETERY

The beings of NECROPOLIS eventually need to be put to rest. Take this tour of the frightening grounds set aside for these beings. Warning: not all their spirits are at rest for any long period of time.

Additional attraction: THE FACTORY

It is actually a factory below the original phone factory. This factory actually made and developed the sciences for the special caskets need to lock the NECROPOLIS spirits down for eternity. Explore all aspects of this factory: You’ll visit such rooms as the final product display, shipping department, research animal and human lab, the result of the experiments and even the founder’s memory area.

Additional attraction: THE FunHouse IN 3-D

If you've never had that recurring dream about being chased or eaten by a giant clown... you will. Except it won’t be a dream this time. Try our crazy midway games; we’ll tell you now, they're all rigged. Getting out alive is the only prize you’ll win... sadly, not everyone wins. Crazy clowns and unruly carnival workers... what can be more scary and creepy? Your limits of fear will be tested by these psychotic characters!


This maintenance man’s storage unit must be escaped in three minutes or less. Solve the clues and win a prize! Failure will allow the maintenance man to release gas to fill the room.

$5 each player/up to 6 players at once!

Past reviews include:

Originally the rating system was going to range from one to four but we had to extend it after visiting NECROPOLIS.”

“10…These guys are serious!”

NECROPOLIS, with over 30,000 square feet of fright is not just your average haunted house and is not for the very young or faint-hearted. NECROPOLIS is located in the old Western Electric Plant in the DARK ARMIES facility.


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